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Featured Testimonials

  We have used Greenlight Essentials on a couple of our feature film projects. We use their analytic results as a benchmark to validate our casting decisions, and also as a tool to help our investors seeing the value of our projects.

Working with Jack has been a real pleasure. He's professional and gives his independent advice based on his findings. There are some real gem insights that can be found from his numbers.  

Jeff Chao

Managing Director

  We used Greenlight Essentials at an early stage of development for several reason and we could not have been happier.
1) To see what the market was like for our films, and to develop or not to develop.
2) To help with casting, and to see how that effected the data if it was showing the success rate as borderline.
3) To feed, eventually, into our marketing strategy.
4) To use as leverage with distributors and to use the data as a source of risk adjustment in our presentation to investors.

Greenlight Essential, is the first company that allows the Indie filmmaker access to the big data the studios use. This allows us to develop our films creatively based on an analytic foundation.These strategies are essential in the disruptive landscape we face. Jack Zhang, is a trail blazer and an essential part of our film making. 

Charles Liburd


About Us

Greenlight Essentials is a company that is dedicated to helping entertainment professionals better understand movie data and bring big data analysis to the film industry. We created software that allows users with neither programming nor mathematics background to explore and discover repeatable patterns from decades of film data. This way, without watching decades of films or gathering past audience reactions, industry professionals can have a better understanding of what combinations of elements in a film would draw in an audience and what combinations of elements in a film would repel an audience.

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